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LoveHearts is an online currency that connects people. Through spreading love and positivity across social media or utilising LoveHearts in one of the many use cases shown, real world application and true value is achieved.

We are creating an entire ecosystem for LoveHearts, join the heart family, spread the love, watch us grow.

LoveHearts crypto currency. Hearts that have value.


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LoveHearts are proud to announce the first Eggies world Item, the HEARTPACK. Have an Egg or plan or playing Eggies? Then you need to buy a HEARTPACK and to fill it with LoveHearts to hatch your eggs more quickly and for extra happiness in game.

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Playing the Eggies game? Want faster hatching EGGs and extra happiness in game? You need me!

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Hearts that have value. Utility across our whole ecosystem, join the heart family.

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