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LoveHearts is an online currency that connects people. Through spreading love and positivity across social media or utilising LoveHearts in one of the many use cases shown, real world application and true value is achieved.

We are creating an entire ecosystem for LoveHearts, join the heart family, spread the love, watch us grow.

LoveHearts crypto currency. Hearts that have value.

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In August of 2018 when Paul created “LoveHearts” token, a TRC10 token under the Tron network he envisioned an online currency that could be sent from person to person on social media platforms. To quote the LoveHearts website “A wink, a hug, a like, a love all replaced by LoveHearts.”

The project was released across Twitter mainly at first and then through Telegram where it became very obvious that there were a lot of people and investors that wanted to be a part of sharing not just online money but love and positivity via LoveHearts. Partnerships were formed with TronWalletMe, TronSociety and a payment processor HummingPay as the team worked on spreading the love and developing the roadmap to provide use cases and value for LoveHearts holders.

The early roadmap had a target of March 2019 to complete the initial token sale and achieve a soft cap of 5 million TRX amongst other targets. Due to the popularity of the token sale this target was reached in November 2018 four months ahead of schedule. This helped the team realize that LoveHearts could and should be so much more and the funding allowed the forming of other strategic and exciting partnerships, to be listed on numerous TRC10 DEX, and whilst a new roadmap and website was being developed to move forward with one of our other goals of giving to charitable organizations.

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LoveHearts are proud to announce the first Eggies world Item, the HEARTPACK. Have an Egg or plan or playing Eggies? Then you need to buy a HEARTPACK and to fill it with LoveHearts to hatch your eggs more quickly and for extra happiness in game.

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Hearts that have value. Utility across our whole ecosystem, join the heart family.

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