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HummingPay Partnership. In October, HummingPay launched a partnership with Lovehearts and is now part of their network. This brings trust, verification, and a real-world use case to the Lovehearts token. This partnership enhances the application of this token and brings it to the forefront of all Tron Tokens.

You can see below the way Humming Pay will help grow the Lovehearts token. Hummingpay takes the technical issues away, making the user have an easier experience. Mass adoption needs products like this to make tokens viable in the real world. This is what makes the partnerships such a big deal.

Total Users. As of today, LoveHeart’s user base sits at 4,545 holders. This has come in a very short period of time and with the launch of the app above, we will see even further growth. The overall circulating supply is at 103,077,0482 Lovehearts and the value currently sits at 1:4 TRX/LVH. Instead of liking things on Twitter and social media, you will be able to tip LVH that people can actually use. This brings value to the Twitter sharing ecosystem.

Partnering up with HummingPay

can help further the adoption of this token. This further diversifies the application to other social platforms. The More You Give. You can earn tries at signing up each day to the app. Teams in the world will have to follow the rules and share successfully. The more you send over to the hashtag you will receive more shares, better chances, and an increase of the overall token supply. What is catch is the average amount required to get a trial is 1 LVH. With virality, this value can skyrocket. Protocol. The partnership with Hummingpay will only be possible through an app and protocol. The advantages being: Full token generation. Conference participants being able to request the supply of each token, instead of just a limited number. Time-locked transactions. Using the Tron protocol, the value will be locked and then distributed at the end of three years. Basically, a snapshot of the overall token supply and how it has evolved from development can be provided. This helps create transparency and the value is locked. The start-up and pre-sale of LVH are just beginning now with the presale currently scheduled for the 26th of January, 2021. If you are interested, information can be found here.

ly owned by content creators, this could extend into the social media sharing economy.
Civic Impact. The platform itself helps to help solve issues in the real world such as refugees and pandemics. BIPOC-centered issues such as greed and taking advantage of others. There are also many other issues, such as the environmental impact of sending so much data around the world on low power networks and in our hands.
Intellectual Property. As marriages are very unstable right now and in countries like the US where there is no legal precedent, this ties into gaining titles to have your own assets. Jurisdiction has a lot of uncertainty as it is. Being able to trace assets is legal documentation. This makes transaction tokens scalable in a trusted overall way. And at the same time, as you can see in the picture above, the matrimony section on the app is screenshotting itself. With this token, people can essentially become their own marriage attorneys, making assets legit and valid.
Waste Management. This is a huge issue in many places. With many dating apps, users send tons of private data every day, even spend nights with them, etc. All of this is very unpickable and in very poor ethical terms. With this model, people will be able to increase the lifespan of their loved ones. It decreases the time spent with unnecessary relationships.
Portability, Economy of Scale, and Next Generation Mobile. The size of the global population is increasing by 53.6% annually and this growth is occurring in regions that have much of this growth. This reduces the logistics-related drawbacks and problems. The same goes for the world economy. The global population is expected to 10.8 billion in 2050 and the world fleet of vehicles will reach 27,098 in 2040. This opens huge doors for partnerships such as security and safety. The low-pollution urban electric vehicle will be easier to find charging stations than in the more polluted suburban or rural centers.
Disney’s Decision. Disney made a huge investment in the Happy Wheels project. So how can a low-cost game help Disney? These low-cost digital games can be played for free if used right. There is also gaming revenue from many similar games on many platforms and having our own low-cost games can bring more users to Hummingpay. There is a large-cap on traction for this model as there are often too many glitches in these games and the transactions are not decentralized. With decentralized games, trust and security come first. You can literally cash out, send it, and it goes in the ether.

tiers will now be possible because you can tip 10,001 LVH and receive 1 TRX (1/10,001).
Many of us know the people behind Tweetdeck or Instagram. They are part of AGP.
AGP as a company
The entire Purpose of AGP is to increase liquidity in the system so token holders have a fair chance to participate in the economy. Currently, 69% of all supply is held by a couple of people. In this case, it is largely the middlemen that are taking a bigger cut than they would if their liquidity was increased. The two key hard facts that need to be understood are the amount of work that goes into managing liquidity and still not being able to take more of it, and the effort required to be on the platform and still not be able to take more. This is not sustainable. Another example of this is Airbnb. 120+ journalists from 25+ publications got together for a week to manage their Airbnb volcano stay. The effort it took to do this was well beyond what is typically required.
Now to put onto the frontline of the app, after logging in, you will see a direct link to your Amazon account or any desired storage provider. You will be able to put your links in place, and with that, you can store and send requests within your own applications for automatic payout. For example, I am a bunch of roommates, and if I need a deposit from the 10th of the month or need to pay rent, now I can share that with all my roommates. Or if I need to rent a car, now I can share that with all of my roommates. This will result in users having more control over their income and help create a score that will help them get better matches. This system is built by integrating with the higher liquidity apps, making it easier for users to access.
Setting up your free Partner Account
All Partners & Holders can access the HummingPay mobile apps and register for free here:
If the token is going to take hold in society, the average person will not have their credit card anymore and will use banking instead. Banks will have to be hacked or even create their own solutions. This is only the first step towards clearing the way for the whole economy to move online. With the help of banks and POS systems and developers on the side, the first step towards disruption is already being made.

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