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TRONSCAN: Launches On the Tron Network

Tron’s token based economy is being launched by Justin Sun and is driving massive growth. The use case within this ecosystem is helping to develop many quality projects and is a competetor to Ethereum. No other project has the user growth that Tron has been building during the bear market.
One such token,, is working to build a digital sharing, tipping, and community based Token. The token becomes a reward that can be used to support other influencers online. They are accomplishing this vision through a strong social media presence within the Tron community. In the last two weeks alone, the Tron user base has grown by over 60,000 people. We are knee deep in the bear market and Tron is still swinging big. Imagine when the market is running? They are building the ecosystem and we are all watching with awe.

Tron Wallet Me App. Another recent development, for Tron, has been the creation of software applications on IOS. One such app, Tron Wallet Me, has launched with many popular Tronscan tokens. The Lovehearts Token is a verified token within this app and is available now.

iq was one developer behind this. He talks about the challenges of testing and building his first iOS app and how it is rewarding enough to keep him motivated. Lovehearts is an incentive token within the iOS app Tron. If you are a creator of content, then you can use this incentive token so that you can see some immediate rewards for generating attention within this ecosystem. Like Justin said, it’s rewarding enough to stay in the game. Bringing attention to your content is built into the incentive of the Loveheart token and developers are rewarded for this. It’s a loved one reward token in a decentralized environment. Loveheart offers a host of featured minigames that all reward content creators with love hearts and Loveheart lore that can be immersed within any of these curated experiences. Loveheart offers a wide range of experience options that will grow with the success of this app, and usage. Another example of the power of Loveheart is that Forbes was able to hack into a pentesting bot and that bot would go on to capsize over 66 million accounts since 2017 and over 11 billion reboots. Without Trem and his dedicated user base, the number of successful attacks would not have been so prolific. This is because there is more quality creative talent that is seeking out these user-generated content platforms and is paid handsomely for doing so. IoT started out as a way to trend wearables, watches, cars, and now social media. The World Economic Forum says that “the internet of things (IoT) at this stage, has shown itself to be a powerful facilitator of social disruption and has created a new paradigm of connecting people. In the future, IoT will become part of our everyday lives, and consumers will have access to a range of connected devices that will allow them to capture all of their day-to-day interactions with others”. IoT has the ability to operate a wide variety of smart devices from LED lights to cars that can be connected to social media networks. At present, we are in the early days of being able to connect the human experience to the internet and it looks like today is the dawn of human-to-human interaction. This is having an impact on the economy. When someone creates their own smart device, they can mine their own data and connect the dots of their life to mine the Story of their life, from their birth to their death, and then share it online or with friends. It is a transparent and rewarding economy for marketers and a gold rush for the participants.

hub will give a portion of its revenue share to the creators of Tron Wallet Me. As the market continues to adjust, more regulation is expected to be put in place and it’s important that connected projects and users avoid being caught out by announcements without proper research. One must keep their eyes and ears open to avoid fraudulent projects.
A recent example of a similar project is Ghostnotebook. This is utilizing ERC-20 compatible tokens and has set up a successful marketplace of digital note-taking. A key point needs to be understand though, ERC-20 tokens do not export cryptocurrencies as a way of encryption, Cryptocurrencies are stored within the QR code of these ERC-20 tokens. This limits the use of privacy when connecting to the network. Such technology has seen tremendous growth and is another reason why it’s important to keep an eye on what’s going on. These use cases are major contributors to the overall crypto economy and cryptocurrencies.
In 2019 Ethereum and Ethereum Classic were both hacked and the value of both was significantly decreased. It was traumatic and seemed to freeze many people in their tracks. But with each hard fork scenario that Ethereum has gone through, there is always the possibility for further growth and development. Perhaps the greatest bar for entry to cryptocurrencies is the understanding of how to value assets within the existing economy — We see this constantly with the most recent hard fork Ethereum which saw the rise and fall of Ethereum Classic. Developers should know that this understanding comes with the territory but isn’t essential. It only empowers the developer when using Ethereum.
What is essential is that energy be directed towards the thorough development of projects with the values that align with the marketing and user base that embraces this new technology. In 2020, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit are blowing up with the influx of new users and increasing participation of traders. This makes this trend more important than ever with banking and transaction fees rising to support infrastructure needs. Developers need to have an appetite for new projects that provide fresh data within the innovation economy.
Little moving platforms should be focused on creating a shifting and ongoing supply-demand dynamic. By the will of the developer, entire economies can be co-created. One such platform that is emerging is the Feminist Current, a decentralized network of female-owned media and publishing online Vloggers. They have options for gaining followers organically or through cryptocurrencies but focus on the dynamic supply-demand dynamic of the app. is another application that was developed by a team of Tron developers. It provides many of the functions of IOS wallets and is launching this week also.Bitmessage has also seen success since the lockdowns started, especially the r/Bitcoin subreddit.
Unirule was another early project created by a Tron developer, William Doherty. It started with a whitepaper and has since developed into an app,
One of the things we have learned during this pandemic is we must architect various systems to work together from various components. So many systems and pieces of technology must work in sync in order to run smoothly. With the unprecedented scale that digital gaming has and the ‘devil is in the details’, there is a perfect content creator for every need. What if gaming stopped being a app, in fact, gave us more autonomy to the individual developer?
There is no question about it The big bucks are being made by the successful, frameworks like Unity and Unreal as well. Within this ecosystem, marketing yourself to users, influencers and marketplaces somehow becomes essential. But getting started is not easy with many projects claiming to do it fast. Sometimes all it takes is a spark to ignite the passion of developers. As a result, they begin building, selling, and marketing themselves for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. We cannot afford to be left behind.
Approximately $85 million USD was invested in Augur, Cause and Revolution this past year alone. Neovim is taking apart even more complex smart contract frameworks.

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